Today was the very first, nice spring day for us, here in Halifax, NS. The very first day with only a T-Shirt! Ágnes took the kids to the shore, to the pirate ship playground - the climbing frame is a huge pirate ship, it even has a cannon. And no sandbox on the playground. Actually, we’ve never seen a sandbox here in the playgrounds, this must the Canadian way. But, at this playground, there is a public washroom, nice and clean, and free.

Today it was Bence’s turn to be nasty and naughty, complaining about everything and anything.

The shore was quite crowded.


Today was a beautiful spring day. Saturday looks like it’ll be the same. To keep things in balance, Friday and Sunday will be quite the opposite… According to the neighbors, this is quite normal around here, weather can even do these stunts during the course of one day.